Sean, Rich, and Ted discuss the holdout by Texans left tackle Duane Brown. Are we OK with him doing what he needs to do to get the most money, or should he honor his contract? Ted has some strong opinions about how public player salaries should be.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about Mayweather vs McGregor. Everyone seems to agree that it’s an historic mismatch, so why do people still care or want to watch? How much will people pay to watch the circus?


Sean, Rich & Ted talk about stupid people, doing stupid things. All Due Respect featured stories about activity levels on Pornhub in Cleveland after the Cavs lost Game 5.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk to Houston Astros pitcher Lance McCullers. McCullers said he’s not frustrated by the injuries, but did say he came back too early last year and learned to listen to his body. Also, he talked more smack about Arlington, discussed how the team has handled expectations, talked about what Brian McCann has meant to him and the rest of the pitching staff, and more.



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