By Landry Locker

Mike is annoyed by the swarm of bandwagon Red Sox fans that appear in town when Boston comes to town. Plus, he and Seth discuss Roger Clemens doing color commentary this week.

Seth Payne tells a story about how he almost played semi pro football after his playing career and JJ Watt discusses flipping the switch on the field.

Mike and Seth discuss the slim possibility of Chris Paul joining James Harden in Houston. Plus, Landry Locker is fascinated by the hypocritical way people treat athletes.

Brock Osweiler took a shot at Bill O’Brien and the Texans coaching staff yesterday and Seth is extremely annoyed by it.

Mike and Seth discuss the latest debate over super teams, how organic the Astros are built and more.

6-16 MeltsDown: Seth and Mike discuss the process that goes into what names you cal your grandparents and react to LeBron’s comments about Tom Brady.

6-16 Mad Takes: Mad Radio has a solid exition of Mad takes that comes to an abrupt ending when Aries Spears walks in and makes Seth feel unfunny.

Worst Take Of The Week 6/12-6/16

Comedian Aries Spears, who will be at the Houston Improv this weekend, joins Mad Radio and the streak of mispronouncing names continues. Plus, Spears does his epic Shaq impression and a his LeBron James take sets Mike off.

Mike gets heated and passionate following an interview with Aries Spears because of a LeBron-MJ debate and takes it out on Seth and the people who support Michael Jordan in the GOAT discussion.

Evan Drellich of CSN New England joins Mad Radio to preview Astros-Red Sox.



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