There has been a lot made of Lonza Ball and his father Lavar Ball as the former gets ready to enter the NBA. But for the first time on Tuesday night we actually got to see a large piece of Lonzo’s personality which has always seemed so subdued juxtaposed to his father.

Foot Locker got four future NBA Rookies De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Jonathan Isaac and Ball together to talk about their relationship with their fathers. Fox, Tatum, and Isaac start by talking about one-on-one, being at games, and learning from their father. Then Lonzo chimes in as the uplifting music stops.

“Of course there’s that big day that your dad berates your high school coach for not getting you enough touches,” Lonzo says.

As the commercial continues and each player talks about their father Lonzo mentions how his father “copywrites your name” and “chooses which college you are going to.”

It’s a rare glimpse into the humor that Lonzo possesses that the 19-year-old hasn’t showcased that often.


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