By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth start the show reacting to the Astros 4-2 loss to the Rangers in what Mike calls a bad loss. However, Seth feels Melts might be scarred by the recently poor Astros teams.

Mike and Seth try to grasp what’s going through the Texans mind when it comes to Duane Brown and Seth compares Brown’s “holdout” to something many people experience in the real world.Plus, In The Loop goes Forrest Gump.

Mike and Seth discuss their trip to Texans practice yesterday and Seth discusses his embarassing run in with a player because of his new condition.

Mike and Seth discuss Richard Justice’s 10 reasons the Astros are built for the postseason and what they agree/disagree with.

Mike Meltser reacts to Odell Beckham’s outrageous comparison with John McClain in studio joining he and Seth.

Mike and Seth are joined by John McClain for another edition of Ask McClain Anything and discover that John was quite the hustler back in the day and the lead singer of a band and more.

6-13 Mad Takes: John McClain joins Mike and Seth for Mad Takes and the guys touch on how young is too young and more

Mike and Seth discuss Andrew Luck’s status and his non-urgent timetable and John McClain votes for the Mad Radio Worst Take of the week.



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