By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth immediately react to the Warriors championship and the banged-up Astros opening loss to the Rangers.

6-13 Headlines

Mike and Seth discuss the Warriors championship and what the Daryl Morey and company are thinking after witnessing it.

Mike Meltser discusses something good that happened for the Astros yesterday in the midst of Lance McCullers going to the DL.

Mike and Seth react to Donald Trump’s praise of Deshaun Watson and the over fabricated pressure many members of the media are saying he has on him heading into the season.

Mike Meltser was not a fan of the new Nike KD commercial and thought it was a significant reach. Is his criticism valid?

Mad Radio Discussion: Looking at Deshaun Watson’s visit to the White House and discussing the public reaction to it.

6-13 Mad Takes

Mike and Seth visit with Jared Sandler of 105.3 The Fan and the Texas Rangers radio network to discuss the current state of the rivalry and more.


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