By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth react to the weekend in sports and Mike makes a mistake that leaves the production studio smelling like rotten meat.

Mike and Seth discuss Las Vegas liking the Texans more than the public and where they stand at the moment when it comes to Texans optimism.

Mike and Seth react to Jeff Van Gundy’s strange, out of touch rant about the Kardashian curse.

Mike and Seth discuss the SportsRadio 610 Deshaun Watson watch party, if they learned anything new about the rookie QB and what personality stole the show.

Mike and Seth fiscuss Dallas Keuchel’s latest DL stint and if there’s any cause for concern or if it’s just a luxury of the Astros hot start.

Mike and Seth react to an emotional argument between Rick Barry and Rob Parker about LeBron James and who they side with.

6-12 MeltsDown: Mike discusses two things that are bothering him about the Astros and the NBA Finals.

A discussion leads Mike and Seth to discuss the best active street fighting athletes which leads to Landry Locker saying there are a lot of NBA players that would whoop Seth.

Mad Takes 6-12

Seth Payne is finally done with Jeff Van Gundy after years of holding back and JVG’s latest rant on the Kardashians.


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