By Alex Del Barrio

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans will have roughly five weeks before the start of training camp and the end of offseason workouts and Bill O’Brien is hoping his club maintains the focus and continues to learn everything they were given during OTA’s over the last three weeks.

O’Brien knows that the players will spend time away from football, but hopes they take advantage of the off time and not spend it entirely on vacation.

“That’s the biggest concern I have, is the five weeks they have off when we’re not around them,” O’Brien said after Tuesday’s OTA session.  “With our rookie development program we really try to guide them as to what they should be doing. One of those things is having their iPads and being able to watch the tape, their playbooks and being able to read their notes and not just head to the beach for five weeks and try to get a good tan. I mean, that’s not what it’s all about.”

Veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph echoed O’Brien’s thoughts and mentioned that it’s much easier to be focussed when you are near the team facility and it can be tempting to just take the time off.

“It’s easy to kind of take care of your business right now while you’re being monitored and while you’re here with the coaches and being around your peers,” Joseph said on Tuesday after practice . ” I think the next month, month and a half while you’re off and while you’re alone to yourself, that’s the hardest time because you have so much free time and being prepared for training camp is the biggest thing you have to do for yourself to make the team and try to be as good as you can be as a player in this league.”

O’Brien is hoping that there won’t be much re-teaching when training camp begins in August.

“You’re trying to make the team, you’re trying to make the team better,” O’Brien said on the reasoning for the extra commitment by players during the break. “I think that’s a big time period for them so that when they come back for training camp it’s not like we’re starting over again, it’s more of a refresher course and they’re ready to go.”

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