The Matt Hammond Show, weekdays on SportsRadio610.comBy Matt Hammond

0:00 mark

Do you trust Ken Giles to be the Astros closer in the playoffs?

Will the Texans offense be better in 2017?

23:30 mark

Why NBA GMs need to debate, Would Jordan’s Bulls beat these Warriors?

Why Jimmy Garoppolo is open to signing a contract with Pats

45:20 mark

What the media coverage of these NBA Finals says about LeBron

Is “tanking” in pro sports even a debatable topic anymore?

1:08:20 mark

Is it fair to question whether Ken Giles has a closer’s makeup?

The one thing you should feel good about with the Texans offense

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mans best friend Do You Trust Ken Giles To Be The Astros Closer In The Playoffs?

Man’s Best Friend, for a well trained dog.

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