Baton Rouge (CBS HOUSTON) – A petition on the website has been started to try and have the powers that be at Louisiana State University to change the mascot of the school away from the Tigers.

According to the petition, which as of this post has 346 signatures, the LSU Tigers took on the mascot to honor a Confederate army regiment called the Louisiana Tigers which had a history of violence towards black slaves and free black Americans.

“It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have to attend to a school that honors confederate [sic] militantism,” the petition reads. “It is already hard enough to be black at LSU, and these symbols must be changed.”

The petition also points to Mike, the live Tiger kept at LSU as a mascot for the school calling it “cruel” to cage a wild animal.

The LSU official athletic site corroborates the petition’s claim with a story of the team receiving their nickname in 1895 from their first football coach Dr. Charles E. Coates:

“It was the custom at that time, for some occult reason, to call football teams by the names of vicious animals; the Yale Bulldogs and the Princeton Tigers, for example. This is still the vogue. It struck me that purple and gold looked Tigerish enough and I suggested that we choose “Louisiana Tigers,” all in conference with the boys. The Louisiana Tigers had represented the state in Civil War and had been known for their hard fighting.”

The state of Louisiana has been removing Confederate memorial statues over the last few months.

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  1. Correction – The Mayor of New Orleans has been stealing monuments belonging to the citizens of New Orleans. The state of Louisiana has not,

  2. No Problem, we will remove the LSU Mascot when Grambling State, Jackson State, Auburn, Clemson, Colorado College, East Central Tigers (Oklahoma), Fort Hays State, Lincoln Blue (Lincoln University in Missouri), Memphis, Missouri, Ouachita Baptist, Pacific Tigers, Pacific, Princeton, Riverside City College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Savannah State, Tennessee State, Texas Southern, Towson, Trinity University, and West Alabama change their mascot to something other than a tiger. Oh lets not forget the pros, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Detroit Tigers need to change their mascot also.

  3. I feel that this is all bull if you ask me. People need to stop and smell the roses. Everytime you turn around someone is yelling racist and all that stuff. I think you need to go back and read your history books and learn more history before you start taking everything down that America stands for and taking everything away that America stands for. Come on people grow up and stop yelling racism all the time and lets all get along and pull together like we are suppose to do. I do not understand how you all can sit up and say it is hard for a black person to go to LSU when you have black football players that have graduated from there making millions of dollars right now and I do not hear them complaining. This does not make any since at all to take away a Mascot that has been with a team for so long now and everyone is use to it and everyone loves it. I can tell people really need to do some research because they got this all wrong and the dates too. If they would look on Wikipedia these people might learn there history and learn it right for once. MY RANT IS OVER!!!!!!!!! FYI LEARN YOUR HISTORY!!!!!!!

    1. The Confederate States of America is a defunct country. Does the US stand for other countries?

  4. Mark Creech says:

    the people will finally get disgusted of the race card…it will lose its political might…then it become worthless and a liability…once that happens people start making choices of reason..not for lies thay have been fed

    1. Is slavery a lie to you? Are you one of those “War of Northern Aggression” types?

  5. Why not remove all statues and references to black people in this country (i.e. Martin Luther King). He has statues memorials, streets and holidays honoring his name.

    1. Are you comparing MLK to slavery?

  6. So ignorant that it is not even worth leaving a comment.

  7. The amount of absolute stupidity in this particular post is off the scales! Instead of worrying about the mascot and names of a football team, perhaps the TRUTH of the Confederacy should be taught. This assault proves only one thing to me. Democrats have got to erase the past so that they can can continue the assault on the freedoms that were granted under the Constitution, including the 10th amendment, which grants STATE’S RIGHTS to hold the Federal government in check. This race bull is so insane that it has no true merit. RACE and Slavery had NOTHING to do in the Confederacy. If you know who owned the slaves, you would drop this race issue post haste. LEARN THE FACTS AND GET OVER THE INSANITY!

    1. The civil war is over. State rights is a myth because South Carolina in its succession statement specifically mentioned slavery and that states outlawing slavery was an issue.

      The civil war was about slavery. Your defunct country lost. Get over it.

  8. The State of Louisiana has removed NO monuments, the dictator Kim Jong Landrieu and his gang of 7 did that in New Orleans. One of them was removed illegally as it did not belong to the city nor did the property it was on. It belonged to a separate park service. General Beauregard. As far as the Tigers name, I doubt very many of the students know or even care that it was named after a military unit.

    1. Is a Confederate monument that important to you? The Confederacy no longer exists.

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