The Matt Hammond Show, weekdays on SportsRadio610.comBy Matt Hammond

0:00 mark

What if Brock Osweiler is… good for the Browns?

Does the criticism of LeBron actually validate his greatness?

26:15 mark

What should dictate Texans decision at QB this season?

Should the Giants be worried about Odell Beckham?

54:55 mark

Does Tom Savage want to groom Deshaun Watson?

How losing a game to Celtics will help Cavs against Warriors

1:16:15 mark

Do you like Bill O’Brien taking over the Texans offense?

How criticism of LeBron is actually an argument *for* LeBron

The Matt Hammond Show is brought to you by:

mans best friend What If Brock Osweiler Is... Good Next Season For Browns?

Man’s Best Friend, for a well trained dog.

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