by: Sean Pendergast (@SeanTPendergast)

I don’t know much about the music business, and maybe I’m showing my age, but I have no idea who 3LAU is. At least I didn’t until I saw this amazing music video featuring New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. And that shows the genius of a prodigy like 3LAU (Full disclosure: I have no idea how old 3LAU is so he may not be an actual “prodigy”) — if you want the middle-aged, white demographic, ADD IN NFL PLAYERS TO YOUR VIDEOS! Especially Gronk, because with Gronk we know comes tail, and that’s a language that is spoken among males of practically any age.

You might think that a video like this one for “On My Mind” (an ironic title for a video featuring Gronk, no doubt) is expensive to put together, that ol’ 3LAU is having to invest MILLIONS to get all of the various parties featured here together. However, think this thing through — getting the ladies to do this gig for free is probably not difficult (“You’ll get all kinds of buzz on your Instagram! And you get to be practically naked!”), and getting Gronk to do it for free was probably the easiest sell of all (“Gronk, there will be about ten wet, bikini-clad women….” Deal closed.)

The video also includes Gronk’s WWE pal Mojo Rawley, who is best known for (A) winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania (with help from Gronk) and (B) for having the greatest “wingman” job ever next to Gronk. That’s worth mentioning.

For what it’s worth, 3LAU (who is now my new favorite DJ… producer…. whatever he is) did an interview with Billboard, and had this to say about the video and Gronk:

“For the “On My Mind” video we were able to develop a story that brought an additional layer to the track,” says 3LAU. “We ended up with a hilarious and relatable scenario that should be a departure from what fans may initially expect from the song.”

“Develop a story” might be a reach. I mean, this ain’t Game of Thrones. But there is a lot of wet skin, bouncing, and Gronk — which puts the floor for this video at a B+.



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