By Landry Locker

Seth Payne is joined by Alex Del Bario, in for Meltser, and the guys react to the Astros and Spurs blowout loss in which Pop did what Pop does.

Seth is offended by the term Houstoning, but feels like the Astros are different than teams that have let the city down recently.

5-17 Headlines

Seth discusses the many things to like about this Astros team and tries to sell Landry on them.

Seth brings a pre-show argument between Landry Locker and ADB to the air about hockey player’s toughness.

Listeners call John McClain and ask him ANYTHING about the Texans or whatever else they want to ask.

John McClain joins Seth and ADB for his weekly visit to talk Seth off the ledge on a few Texans stories, tell stories including when a player threatened to kill him and more.

5-17 Mad Takes with John McClain

Astros reliever Ken Giles joins Mad Radio to discuss the hot start by the team, the battle for the championship belt, his tenure and much more about the best team in the MLB.

Landry Locker provides the people of Houston with another edition of Astros baseball through football goggles.


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