Rich and Ted talk about Texans’ rookies Deshaun Watson and D’Onta Foreman being invited to the NFL Rookie Premiere, which in part helps them look for endorsement deals. Segment includes Ted telling the story of how he got his shoe deal.


Rich and Ted talk about Celtics vs Warriors Game 7, the Western Conference Finals, and the NBA Playoffs.


Rich and Ted talk about comments made by former NBA player Jalen Rose on James Harden’s Game 6 performance, and a lawsuit filed against Harden for allegedly orchestrating an assault against Moses Malone Jr.


Rich and Ted talk about stupid people, doing stupid things. Included is a story about a Florida man who fought the law, but of course the law won. All Due Respect.


Rich and Ted play Six Words To with listeners describing how they feel about James Harden after his Game 6 no-show.


Rich and Ted talk to actor Dennis Quaid about his love for sports, his hometown of Houston, and his band that he travels with playing shows.