By Landry Locker

Seth Payne is joined by Sean Pendergast, in for the vacationing Mike Meltser, and the guys react to everything that went on last night and Seth’s chaotic show with Gallant.

Pat Mahomes got robbed over the weekend and luckily he’s ok, but the guys react to the irony of the situation as well as the size of the alleged criminal.

Seth and Sean react to the entertaining war of words between Gregg Popovich and ZaZa Pachulia.

5-16 Headlines

Seth and Sean react to Deshaun Watson’s new commercial and Landry Locker provides another edition of Astros through football goggles.

Mad Discussion: Reaction to the alleged beef between James Harden and Moses Malone Jr.

Seth and Sean discuss what the most ideal, realistic scenario would be for the Texans to have a great season.

Seth and Sean discuss natural hypocrisy that comes with being a fan and the Astros alleged tanking prior to their current success.

Mad Discussion: How would Bill O’Brien coach Jams Harden? How would Mike D’Antoni coach the Texans?

5-16 Mad Takes

Antonio Cromartie’s reproduction cannot be broken. Seth and Sean discuss the legend known as Cromartie.

Seth and Sean discuss how far the Astros have come in a short time and Seth’s dissatisfaction with the Texans practicing with the Patriots during camp.


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