By Landry Locker

Seth Payne is joined by Paul Gallant, in for Mike Meltser, and the guys discuss the weekend, life and a bunch more.

Seth and Paul discuss the Astros series win over the Yankees and the ongoing spoonfeeding of Derek Jeter love.

Seth is  irrationally optimistic about something JJ Watt did that has nothing to do with football.

5-15 Headlines

Brock Osweiler has a chance to be a starting QB in the NFL this season and Paul thinks the Browns are handling the QB situation better than the Texans.

Seth and Paul react to the Rocketless NBA Playoffs and Seth’s disgusted by Paul’s admiration for the Warriors.

5-15 MeltsDown: Were we too easy on Harden?

Landry Locker gives another version of Astros baseball through football goggles and bashed a Yankee legend. Plus, Gallant doesn’t see how Jeter gets women.

5-15 Mad Takes w/Paul Gallant


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