By Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The J.J. Watt Classic (a yearly softball game) was in its second year at Minute Maid Park, drawing tons fans and big name stars, as everyone came to see the Houston Texans let loose.

Team defense (with Andre Johnson) would end up getting the big win over team offense 9-3.

In the third inning, Watt would blast a two-run homer that not only cleared the shortened softball fences but would end up bouncing over the Crawford boxes.

Fans that came out to the event were not only treated to lots of scoring, and plenty of fun teammate interactions through the night, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the house to rally the crowd before the game.

With Watt’s softball classic as almost the unofficial start to the preseason, with OTAs set to start in just over a week, this is one of the first times the whole team is together before they all have be on the football field.

“Definitely (builds) comradery amongst us all,” Kareem Jackson said of Watt’s charity event before the game.

Even the Texans rookie draft class who are in the middle of minicamp made an appearance.

Last year Watt and teammates doused the rooks with an epic super soaker fight, this year he had a little something different planned a build a burger contest.


During the season it’s all business, but for a few hours Saturday night, the team took the field to have fun, hang out and play a game most of them only play once a year when it’s time for the classic again.

“It’s just an exciting time, it’s all the guys hanging out…” J.J. Watt said before the game. “Guys show up really early (and) wanna have a good time.”