Patrick Beverley made the first basket of the Rockets 125-104 game four win over the San Antonio Spurs Sunday night at Toyota Center. As he made his way to the other end of the floor, he tapped his chest twice, and pointed to the sky. There was a reason. Not long before that shot went through the net, the Rockets guard found out his grandfather passed away.

“I wake up from a nap, the usual nap everyday to hear that the person that raised you and nine other cousins or siblings or whatever, to hear that he passed, the man of the family that didn’t have any children, but accepted everyone, each one us like it was his, it’s tough, man, it’s tough,” Beverley said.

Rheese Morris passed away in Chicago Sunday, and 90 minutes before a 10-point, 4-assist performance Beverley was seen sobbing in the Rockets locker room.

“I talked to my family members, my first cousin, all my family back home in Chicago, and everybody wanted me to play tonight. I tried to go out there and play as hard as I could for my teammates tonight, it’s just tough.”

Beverley’s 3-pointer gave the Rockets a 3-0 lead, and they led from that point on to even their Western Conference Seminfinal series at two games apiece. Beverley played his normal hard-nosed game, but it was at the podium when the game ended when the emotion came out.

“Everyone knows I worked extremely hard to prove myself each and every night, and to have someone that was right there supporting me the whole way, (he) wore my jerseys every single day of his life. (He) wore my Russian jerseys every single day of his life, man. To have a person like that being taken from you is hard, so hard, but you know there’s a bigger plan, I’m going to keep my faith of course, and I’m going to be there for my family, but you know, anyone who has grandparents, mothers, or whatever, to have them taken from you is super, super hard.”

The Rockets did not disclose Morris’ age or cause of death.


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