By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

The Best Clips from today’s edition of Mad Radio:

  • Why do baseball managers always try to act like you can eliminate a couple of mistakes to make a bad start look better?! Do they not know how stupid that sounds?! All of them do it, including AJ Hinch, but it makes no sense, it’s silly. How much would an NFL quarterback get killed if he threw four interceptions and then went to the podium after the game and said, “I was actually pretty good if you took away those four throws.” I expressed my disgust for Hinch’s justification of a poor outing by Mike Fiers, which led to Mike Spice (aka Mike Meltser) defending Mike Fiers being in the Astros rotation.
  • Mike and Seth are fed up with all of the irrational national blowhard Spurs takes which leads to some therapeutic ranting.

My biggest Takes from another great sports night in the city of Houston…


  • On Mad Radio we like to look at baseball through football goggles and overreact to a long baseball season, the basic concept is to react to baseball in an Overreaction Monday-like fashion. Here’s an example of how it’s done.
  • I know we are less than 20% through the long MLB season, but I wonder if the Texas Rangers are going to be sellers during the deadline for the first time in a long time. They have some appealing veteran pieces including Yu Darvish and Jonathan Lucroy that could help them stockpile their farm system. With Cole Hamels and Adrian Beltre missing significant time there’s not much hope for the Rangers this season.
  • During the broadcast they said that 25,000 dollar hot dogs were consumed during the last Dollar Dog Day at Minute Maid. I like hot dogs, but I’ve been scarred by the disgusting visuals of hot dog contests on TV and eating dogs in bulk grosses me out.

Rockets Game 2 Reactions:

  • James Harden got his butt kicked in the battle of the superstars. Kawhi Leonard kicked his butt. Harden was 3 for 17 from the field with 13 points, Leonard was 13 for 16 for 34. Harden has a previous reputation for playing poorly in the playoffs and today’s performance warranted that reputation. He has to be better, period.
  • Ryan Anderson kept the Rockets in the game with his 15 first half points. San Antonio had a 10-point lead halfway through the game, but it would’ve been way worse without Anderson’s production.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge had a better game in Game 2, but he’s still moving like a guy in a 40 & Over Rec League with back problems that has had three knee surgeries. Something is wrong with him or he has just aged quickly.
  • During the first half there was a play where Kawhi Leonard was passed the ball when he got fouled, but Tony Brothers, who is one of the worst officials in the NBA and a total disgrace to the sport, decided it was a shooting foul. You can tell how bad the call was just by Scott Foster’s reaction in the below video. Foster is ready to take the ball out on the baseline and looks disgusted when Brothers tells him it’s a shooting foul. Officiating basketball is one of the most difficult things to do in sports so I understand mistakes will happen, but Brothers is one of many officials that shouldn’t be allowed to officiate basketball games at the highest level, he’s a disgrace and always has been.

  • Clint Capela has so much more bounce in his step than the Spurs bigs, which includes the ghosts of David Lee and Pau Gasol along with the 40 & Up looking LaMarcus Aldridge.
  • A lot of Spurs fans were acting as if I should eat some sort of crow for saying this series was over, I stand by that notion. I never thought San Antonio was going to get swept by Houston, but what they did in Game 2 isn’t sustainable. Significant contributions from Jonathon Simmons isn’t something that you expect to see every night and with it looking like Tony Parker is injured it’s hard to imagine that the ghost of Manu Ginobili and Paddy Mills will be able to replace his production.

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