By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • The Rockets can book their tickets to the Western Conference Finals, I’ve seen enough one game into the series to make that statement.
  • Lance McCullers makes baseball fun to watch and the game could use more guys like him.
  • Question: Have the playoffs 6 games in made you appreciate the depth of the Rockets roster more now that you’re not being drawn into the draining ass kicking also known as the MVP Debate? (I think we are all guilty of this) 
  • Shows like today are as fun as it gets. This is definitely a fun time in the city of Houston.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— Sometimes people in the media are guilty of repeating what they hear other members of the media say without the statement having any credence.

Chris Paul is widely-regarded as one of the best leaders in the NBA, but I’m not sure why. Is it because he yells at this teammates a lot? Is it because he throws Kindergarten-like fits on the court during games? It definitely isn’t because of his success in the playoffs. There have been multiple reports by credible NBA writers that Paul’s teammates hate playing with him because of his on-court antics. A couple summers ago CP3 had to leave a vacation to convince DeAndre Jordan to stay in Los Angeles amidst multiple reports that Jordan was fed up with him and didn’t enjoy playing with him. I don’t understand the conceived notion that Paul is one of the best leaders in the NBA.

— There have always been NFL Draft prospects with criminal pasts, but it seems like ESPN is making more of an effort to showcase their off-field problems. It seemed like it happened a lot in this year’s draft and I found myself awkwardly, yet intriguingly watching Trey Wingo break down each troubled prospect’s past off-field incidents.  It’s a weird time, but it’s definitely a new element to the draft.

— These aren’t the Spurs that we are used to seeing. At this point San Antonio is a romanticized regular season team that can’t compete against more athletic teams. We saw it last year when Oklahoma City ran them out of the gym in the playoffs and we are seeing it one game into the Western Conference Semifinals this season. In my time watching the game of basketball I have rarely, if ever, said a series was over after one game, but there’s no chance San Antonio wins this series, they just don’t have the weapons to keep it.

— Watching basketball is much more fun when people around Houston aren’t obsessing and nitpicking Russell Westbrook. I get the defensiveness of the MVP debate and the national media doesn’t help, but it was getting exhausting.

— It’s good to see Gucci Mane talking trash at NBA Playoff games instead of being locked up and releasing pre-recorded music.

— The national media seems to think Deshaun Watson is going to start for the Texans sooner rather than later, maybe they know something the local media doesn’t.

— Tom Savage will be heading into his fourth season in the system. Tony Romo didn’t emerge as the clear-cut starter for the Dallas Cowboys until his fourth year in the system and like Savage the organization attempted to replace him multiple times. I’m not comparing Savage to Romo, but there are similarities.

Tony Romo was a backup (or less) in Dallas for three seasons and didn’t become the full-time starter until his 4th season. Savage is in his 4th season in the NFL. Has been a backup all four years.

Neither one of the franchises wanted to fully commit to their guy until they were absolutely forced to.

  • Cowboys traded a 4th rounder for Drew Henson and Romo would’ve likely been cut in 2004 if Quincy Carter hadn’t been busted for drugs in 2004.Also brought in veterans Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe during Romo’s first two years.
  • Texans brought in an array of quarterbacks, signed Osweiler to a heavy deal and

Sometimes organizations luck into stuff Romo was an example of it. How ironic would it be if Savage was another example and was only able to do it because Romo didn’t come to Houston?

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