Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans took Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick in the NFL Draft after trading up from No. 25 with the Cleveland Browns.  NFL Films expert Greg Cosell joined Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on Mad Radio on Friday to talk about the pick for the Texans.

Cosell loves the fit of Watson with Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

“Bill O’Brien is a hard and demanding coach and not everybody can respond to Bill,” Cosell, who knows Watson, said. “Deshaun Watson can and I think that is really really important because Bill O’Brien coaches hard, he can be a little nasty, he can be tough and he demands so much.

“Deshaun Watson can handle that and he’ll probably embrace that to a certain extent.”


Cosell also thinks the Texans will fit around Watson well with what they already have.

“Deshaun is going to a really good spot,” Cosell told Mad Radio. “This is a team that wants to run the ball…we’ll see what they do with the offensive line going forward. It has a really good defense. I don’t want to sit here and say he’s in an exact replica of the Dak Prescott situation, but he’s closer to that than going to a team where you’re expecting Deshaun Watson to be the guy that drives the offense.

“He may never be that guy. He may never be a true foundational building block quarterback. He may be best as an orchestrator and distributor and that’s okay.”

Along with the fit of Watson and the Texans, Cosell broke down some of the things that Deshaun needs to work on and his strengths.

“I don’t think anybody would sit here and say Deshaun Watson has a gun,” Cosell said about Watson’s arm strength. “I think he’s a very compact thrower. He’s got comfortable mechanics. He’s a very comfortable short and intermediate thrower. He can make those firm touch throws which are a very much a part of the NFL.

“I look at him as a rhythm quarterback. When he gets into a rhythm he can be accurate and efficient. I think he showed some good pocket movement which is critical. I think one of the things with him, and I think Bill (O’Brien) will work on this a lot, is there will be a very fine line between playing from the pocket and leaving the pocket too soon.”

Currently, the Texans head coach and General Manager Rick Smith have said that Watson will not start the 2017 season as the starting quarterback. They said after the pick that Tom Savage is still the team’s starter.


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