Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans drafted Deshaun Watson hoping he will some time in the future be the franchise quarterback the team has never really had. Watson’s coach from college, Dabo Swinney joined The Triple Threat with Sean Pendergast and Ted Johnson on Friday and believes, not only did the Texans get the right guy at quarterback, he will lead them to a championship soon.

Swinney absolutely loved the pairing of Houston and Watson and told the Triple Threat on SportsRadio 610 Houston will reap the rewards of their selection.

“This is just ideal. It’s just ideal. It’s so rare that a quarterback gets the chance to go to a playoff team where there is no established starter,” Swinney told Sean and Ted. “It’s a great opportunity for him. He’s got a strong structure. There is a good culture and a good organization in place there in Houston. I Think O’Brien is a heck of a coach. Obviously, he’s got a good supporting class around him. They’ve got a heck of a defense and J.J. [Watt] didn’t even play last year. And of course, he gets to throw the ball to DeAndre [Hopkins]. I think it is the perfect fit and the perfect situation for him. I think Houston just won a Super Bowl. I don’t know if it’s this year, next year or the next but it’s coming.”

Watson won a state championship in High School in Georgia and last year he won a National Championship for Clemson and Swinney over Alabama, who they lost to the year before. Swinney believes the winning will just continue.

“[It’s] not going to be any different there then it’s been everywhere he’s been,” Swinney said. “His football IQ and his ability to absorb the playbook was unbelievable.

“You can’t measure what he has.

“I’ve never seen people over analyze and out think things in my life. This guy is an unbelievable winner. He’s got the skillset to play in any type of football league anywhere on the planet. And what he has you just can’t coach it. He has this mindset and this poise that is so well. You know it when you see it and it’s hard to describe but he’s got it. And now Houston’s got it. I can’t wait to see them hold that trophy up because it’s coming. Get ready for it, it’s coming.”



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