Mike Meltser – Mad Radio

Who I want the Texans to draft:

Pat Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. Listen, it’s not a great QB class, but I think drafting either one of them would represent a departure from our typical association of Bill O’Brien quarterbacks. I want this organization to think outside the box and consider more than simply tall, statuesque quarterbacks with big arms. This would represent an expansion of their usual QB thought process.

Who I think the Texans will draft:

Think will happen: I’m not exactly sure. I think there’s a very legitimate chance that Rick Smith trades up into the teens for Mahomes or Watson. I believe there’s a real chance the QBs go a little bit too early, and Houston selects their favorite right tackle prospect out of Garett Boles, Ryan Ramczyk, or Cam Robinson. I could also see them selecting BPA among prospects at need positions, with guys like Taco Charlton, Budda Baker, TJ Watt, or Obi Melifonwu. I think that about covers all the possibilities.

Seth Payne – Mad Radio

Who I want the Texans to draft:

Pat Mahomes. Spare me your talk about how Texas Tech’s Air Raid offense has never produced a good NFL quarterback. The Air Raid hasn’t produced an NFL quarterback because they’ve largely made due with system quarterbacks who weren’t physically gifted. They may have fooled fans with their prodigious college production, but they haven’t fooled NFL teams; none of them have been drafted high. If Andrew Luck had played at Texas Tech, he would have been drafted in the first round. He may not have gotten off to as fast start in the NFL, but his physical skills were undeniable. Pat Mahomes will be drafted not because of his gaudy, Air Raid stats–he will be drafted because he is physically gifted. I have no idea whether he will fulfill his physical potential, but I know that gifted throwers of the football are a rare commodity, and I don’t want to pass on him just because he’s raw.

Who I think the Texans will draft:

I expect Mahomes to be gone by the 25th pick, and I don’t expect the Texans to trade up for a project. I expect that they’ll draft Utah offensive tackle Garrett Bolles. I like this kid because he’s athletic and nasty. He’s light in the ass, but that doesn’t seem to be as much of a concern in today’s NFL, where Pro-Bowl tackles look more like power forwards than Orlando Browns. People have said that he’ll put on weight when he “finds an NFL weight room.” I’ve got news for you–college strength programs are pretty damned tough these days. Guys put on weight in the NFL because they can afford to buy more red meat.

John Lopez – In The Loop

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

If you don’t want the Texans to take a quarterback, you’re not a Texans fan. Never has Rick Smith drafted a quarterback in the first three rounds of an NFL Draft. This is inexcusable and — in most cases, considering it’s his 11th draft — a fire-able offense.
So, yeah. Quarterback. My first choice would be Patrick Mahomes. The kid can develop faster than most people think. He has every tool in the bag.

Who I want the Texans will draft:

Did I mention Rick Smith never has drafted a quarterback in the first three rounds? In 11 friggin years?
Teflon Rick will strike again. Book it.
The Texans will draft Ryan Ramczyk, OT, from Wisconsin.

Cody Stoots – In The Loop

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

I want the Texans to draft Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes. I went to Texas Tech and know more about him since I continue to follow my alma mater but that’s not the only reason I want him in Houston. He has the highest upside of all the quarterback prospects. Likely a higher upside than Goff and Wentz and even Prescott from last year’s draft. The chances he is there at 25 are slim but if he starts slipping or falls to 25 then the Texans have a potential star on their hands.

Who I want the Texans will draft:

I am not sure the Texans are in love with anyone in this draft. I actually think if the QBs are gone and the top two OT’s are gone they will trade the pick out of the first round to help regain value they lost via the trade of next year’s second round pick. If they had to pick a player here let’s go with a linebacker. Either T.J. Watt, because why not, or Temple standout Haason Reddick

Rich Lord – The Triple Threat

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

My best-case scenario for the Texans would be if they can find a way to trade up in the first round to get either Patrick Mahommes or DeShaun Watson. If I had to choose one, I’d take Watson. There’s a lot to be said for the way in which he led his Clemson teams to 2 straight appearances in the national championship game. The icing on the cake for me was the late-game comeback against Alabama in the rematch. This kid is cool under pressure and a real team leader; exactly what the Texans need at the quarterback position.

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

Garrett Bolles, OT Utah. He’s overcome a lot, both on and off the field and could probably start immediately at right tackle, a big position of need. He’s got the potential to transition at some point to left tackle when Duane Brown is ready to move on. The fans won’t like it, but the the Texans will make it 15 years in a row in which they failed to select a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

Sean Pendergast – The Triple Threat

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

DESHAUN WATSON, QB, Clemson. The Texans have not had a true, groom-able rookie future-franchise QB since they threw David Carr to the wolves back in 2002. Watson is the most accomplished of all the rookie signal callers, and has accomplished the ultimate success on the biggest stage. I think his turnover issue his last year at Clemson is something O’Brien can coach out of Watson. I just don’t think he lasts anywhere close to the 25th pick, ultimately

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

RYAN RAMCZYK, OT, Wisconsin. Drafting a quarterback as sizzle. it’s sexy. It’s fun. It’s a little crazy. Drafting an offensive lineman from a Big Ten school is practical, sensible, and pretty damn boring. So… yeah, I fully expect the Texans to take Ramczyk. (The best part will be the Texans’ Draft Party meltdown if they draft Ramczyk, or any offensive lineman, if one of the top quarterbacks is on the board. BOOOOOOOOOOOO…… )

Paul Gallant – Gallant At Night

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

This may sound like a cop-out. But I’m not a huge fan of any of the quarterbacks available – none of them are as good as Jimmy Garoppollo – and I’m hearing that this isn’t a great draft for offensive tackles either. The Texans need both, and I’m nervous that they’ll reach for someone who ends up being a flop. So honestly, I hope that they take anyone but a quarterback or tackle.

Want an outside the box suggestion? How about UConn Safety Obi Melifonwu, who is extremely athletic, played 4 years in college, and is seen as a hybrid safety/linebacker in sub packages kind of player.

If they do end up taking a quarterback, there’s only one that I want: Clemson QB Deshaun Watson. The guy was the best player in college football for the last 2 years and thrived on the big stage. A redshirt year would be extremely beneficial to him.

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes. Elton John once sang this song about two horny, adolescent lions – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. I’m feeling the love:

“A lot of BS flies this time of year, but file this away: One NFL coach who’s done homework on all the top QBs told me the word is O’Brien absolutely loves the cannon-armed Mahomes,” wrote Tom Pelissero of the USA Today.

““I feel like a lot of coaches like me, but especially coach O’Brien. I think my personality and how real I am, those are things beyond what I can do on the field that he likes,” Mahomes said, via NFL.com. “It seemed like the way I was answering questions, I think he knew that I knew what was going on. You can tell when coaches have a confidence in you.”

Yes, I’m basing what I think the Texans will do off of a rumor and a quote. #Gallantstrodamus

Landry Locker – Mad Radio Producer

Who do I want the Texans to draft?

Anyone but one of these overhyped quarterbacks. I understand the hunger for a franchise quarterback in Houston, but there isn’t a quarterback in this draft worthy of a first-round selection. If Rick Smith and company take anything other than a quarterback in the first round then I’ll be ok with it. If the Texans do take a quarterback at No. 25 I’d take the talented DeShone Kizer sitting a year and maturing behind Tom Savage over any other possibility.

Who do I think the Texans will draft?

I think the Texans will attempt to improve the offensive line, offensive tackles Ryan Ramczyk of Wisconsin and Cam Robinson of Alabama are a couple of possibilities. I also could see the Texans drafting a running back with one of their first three picks of the draft.

Chris Jones – Producer In The Loop
Who do I want the Texans to draft:
CB Adoree Jackson USC

The QB they want won’t be there at 25. The Top OT will not be there at 25. Jackson slides right into the slot corner spot which is essentially a starter. Takes over starting CB after Joseph leaves after next season. Is a top level return man right now! Something Texans haven’t had in a long time!

Who do I think the Texans will draft:
Cam Robinson OT Ala. Will be a underwhelming pick and even more of an underwhelming player for the Texans. Bust!

Brian McDonald – The Triple Threat Producer

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

Picking at 25 makes it hard to pin down to just one player, but I’d say if either Patrick Mahomes or Mitchell Trubisky are there, then I’d want the Texans to take one of those two guys.

If those two guys are gone (not a fan of Deshaun Watson), then I’d address the right tackle need with either Garret Bolles or Ryan Ramczyk if they’re available.

If those two right tackles are gone (not high on Cam Robinson), then I’d look to trade back, pick up one of the next tier quarterbacks and use the extra picks to address corner and safety since both positions are said to be deep with talent this year.

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

Forrest Lamp.

Fans will reach for their pitchforks and torches if they draft a player who will most likely move to guard (and played at powerhouse Western Kentucky), but their guard play was poor last year and Lamp could move immediately into the starting lineup ahead of Allen. Plus, and I apologize for using the cliche, but Lamp will most likely be the “best player available” when they select at 25.

Ryan McCredden – Program Director

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

I always feel that teams should draft the best player available. I know how much the Texans need a QB and need o-line help. When they go on the clock at pick 25, the Texans shouldn’t reach. They should take whoever is available on the top of their list. I say all this to completely contradict myself on who I really want them to draft. For the love of all that is good and holy, I want them to draft a QB. Watson, Mahomes, Kizer. I don’t care which one. I just want some hope and something for fans to grab onto.

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

Garret Bolles. They need o-line help. The QB’s will be gone. He is on draft boards anywhere from the 20th to the 40th best prospect so this actually could be the best player when it’s time for pick 25 and fits a need.

Matt Murphy – Weekend Host

Who do I WANT the Texans to draft:
Any of the the top 3 QB’s – Trubisky, Watson, Mahomes.

Who I THINK the Texans will draft:
Garrett Bolles (OT) – Utah

Strengths: The best feet of any OT in the draft, Bolles only allowed 3 sacks, 1 QB hit & 16 hurries last season. With his speed, can get to any block in a zone scheme or pull. Plays with a nastiness on the field, seems to enjoy finishing blocks.

Weaknesses: Consistently struggles vs power in the run & pass game. Doesn’t bend well at the point of attack, and can panic and lean when he feels resistance. Slight frame for a (projected) RT at 6’5″ 297. As a player who moved to OT myself – I can tell you that he’ll need 20+ more pounds to hold up in the NFL.

Alex Del Barrio – Weekend Host/Texans Reporter

Who do I want the Texans To draft:
T Garrett Bolles
I hate all of the quarterbacks in this draft that are being predicted to be near the top. Watson is incredibly inaccurate, Trubisky won’t be there and thank god because he’s going to be out of the league in three years. I like Mahomes the best, but my hope is that they some how get into the bidding for Cousins or Garoppolo next offseason or before.I would really like them to go offensive line and not over-draft a QB. I love Cam Robinson, but he won’t be there. I am really high on Bolles. He’s 24.. he’s already a man and has fought through a ton of life adversity. They aren’t going to get Newton back, and when they do.. he likely won’t be able to play tackle anymore. Bolles is a solid pick at 25 and adds depth at a serious position of need.

Who I think the Texans will draft:
QB Pat Mahomes.

I honestly feel they are in love with Pat Mahomes and will select him by any means necessary. If they don’t pick him, it will tell you everything you need to know about Bill O’Brien’s future in Houston. If the team selects Watson or someone later as their QB in this draft, I think that means O’Brien got overruled and may mail it in this season. I don’t foresee that happening. Kyle Shanahan is not available anymore and the best potential replacements are the New England assistants. I think they will stick with O’Brien and that means drafting the QB he wants, it is my belief that QB is Mahomes. I wouldn’t hate it, but I still don’t envision him as a franchise QB.

Shaun Bijani – Weekend Host

Who do I WANT the Texans to draft:

I want an offensive lineman. The Texans met with a number of them including Cam Robinson, Ryan Ramczyk, and Garrett Bolles. Not sure if they met with Taylor Moton or Forrest Lamp, but if either one is there at 25, I’d take Moton. He’s supposed to be a plug and play guy. Lamp is criticized for being a bit undersized, and while he can’t grow 2 inches, he could add weight. He’s athletic and could play inside if they need him to. Robinson has trouble in pass pro, that’s not what the Texans need. Ramczyk has had hip surgery – that’s scary for an o-lineman, and Bolles will be 25 at the start of his rookie season.

Who I THINK the Texans will draft:

It depends on the run at certain positions, but I think they’ll take a QB, and I don’t think that guy will be at 25. I think Rick Smith will trade down, gaining a high pick (2nd or 3rd) for next years draft, after having to give Cleveland next years 2nd rounder to shed Osweiler. I think Deshone Kizer will be he guy. They have Hopkins and Fuller for a reason, and that’s deep threat. Kizer has a good accurate deep ball and is solid in the pocket. Heck, it could be a Notre Dame reunion, and I’m sure Sean Pendergast would love that, getting Deshone Kizer, Will Fuller, and Nick Martin back together again.

Derek Fogel – Weekend Host/Astros Reporter

Who do I WANT the Texans to draft:

QB. Hopefully one of the better guys can slide down the board the way Aaron Rodgers. I’d prefer Watson then Mahomes. If neither are available and they choose someone else that is, like Kizer or Trubisky, it could be a tough pick to sell as an improvement for a hungry fan base.

Who I THINK the Texans will draft:

Cam Robinson OL Alabama. The offensive line needs help and it’s no secret. While it appears to be a weak draft for lineman, picking anyone from Alabama is an easy pick to explain; he automatically understands winning.

Marc Ryan – Weekend Host

Who do I want the Texans to draft:

Deshaun Watson. He WILL BE the best player available when he’s selected, and in my opinion, has a chance to be the best player in the entire draft. Smart teams take the best player available over a targeted need because your needs are a moving target. They change. Your priorities tomorrow may look entirely different than your priorities today. Need-based drafting is not only a myopic view but leads to a less talented roster. By this point, the Texans should have identified Watson as their target and should be prepared to do whatever it takes to bring him to Houston. No price is too steep when it comes to locking in your signal caller for the next 10-15 years. Watson would be the first franchise quarterback in Texans history.

Who do I think the Texans will draft:

Cam Robinson, tackle, Alabama – much to my dismay. Not a terrible value at pick #25, especially considering BPA and Derek Newton’s dual patellar tendon tears. Newton’s replacement, Chris Clark, is also coming off shoulder surgery and his play can best be described as “Denny’s – Always Open,” for opposing defensive ends. The real danger in making this type or practical selection is that the Texans’ fan base, the natives if you will, are well past restless with the quarterback position.


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