By Bryan Carey

There’s nothing like fresh baked goods to brighten up any occasion. Sweet foods such as cakes, pies, and cookies are the perfect wrap- up to a satisfying meal and when prepared with attention to ingredients and detail, they can make any occasion satisfying and memorable. Cakes are often selected as the sweet food of choice and while they come in many flavors, carrot cake is a universal favorite for its indulgence qualities. Here are the best places to find succulent carrot cake in Houston.

Three Brothers Bakery
4606 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 522-2253

Three Brothers Bakery is easily one of the finest local bakeries and its carrot cake is the true definition of indulgence. The cake is made using three layers with cream cheese frosting between each and surrounding the cake on all sides. For additional pleasure, Three Brothers Bakery adds pecan pieces around the outside of the carrot cake and places decorative buttercream carrots around the top edge, for an added visual touch. One taste of Three Brothers Bakery Carrot Cake and you may never bother eating another brand again.

Moeller’s Bakery
4201 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 667-0983

Moeller’s Bakery is the oldest family owned bakery in Houston and one taste of Moeller’s carrot cake will convince anyone of the bakery’s commitment to quality. Moist and delicious, carrot cake is one of Moeller’s specialities, of which there are many. Customers often visit Moeller’s Bakery for wedding cakes and birthday cakes, but the carrot cake is perfect for any occasion. The incredible flavor of this cake makes it easy to understand why Moeller’s Bakery has been in business for so long.

Fluff Bake Bar
314 Gray St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 522-1900

Owned and operated by Houston culinary legend Rebecca Masson, Fluff Bake Bar is one of the Houston area’s best places for cakes of all types. Fluff Bake Bar makes an amazing carrot cake and for those who prefer smaller portions, they also serve carrot cupcakes. Fluff Bake Bar bakes its carrot cake using traditional ingredients, then adds extras like candied carrots, hazelnuts, and cheesecake then tops everything with a cookie butter cream frosting. The taste is truly out of this world and it solidifies Fluff Bake Bar’s reputation as a haven for sweet treats.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes
5115 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 432-1600

If you like your carrot cake a little out of the ordinary than you will love Nothing Bundt Cake and its delicious carrot cake. The folks at Nothing Bundt Cakes use classic carrot cake ingredients then add pineapple and carrot chunks for extra excitement. The flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon add the necessary spice and, combined with the carrots and pineapple, create an unforgettable taste sensation. Nothing Bundt Cakes tops everything off with its signature cream cheese frosting for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Take The Cake
5700 Highway 6 N.
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 550-8448

Specializing in cakes, cheesecakes, pies, and tarts, Take the Cake has been satisfying Houston’s collective sweet tooth since it first opened its doors in 1991. One of Take the Cakes many memorable desserts is its carrot cake. Spicy, moist, and delicious, this carrot cake is covered with freshly grated carrots for authentic taste. Chopped walnuts and crushed pineapple complete the outside of the cake and cream cheese frosting can be found just underneath, for a taste sensation that is unmatched. It’s no wonder Take the Cake’s carrot cake is the most popular cake the bakery sells and it makes a great choice whenever you’re in the mood for something sweet.

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