By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • Following a win like the one that the Rockets had in Game 1 vs Oklahoma City it’s hard to forecast any future problems they could have in this series moving forward. However, they (I don’t know who they is) say that Game 2 is the most important game of a series so we will see how Billy Donovan adjusts.
  • It’s interesting how much Mike and Seth dog Enes Kanter, but love Taj Gibson. I think Kanter is a bigger key to the series than Gibson, but for whatever reason they think Gibson is an X-Factor.
  • Those Rockets black uniforms are legit, I’m a fan of that look.
  • I really would pay to read an Emmitt Smith piece with no editor in the Players’ Tribune.
  • I read the book, Return Of The King, and really enjoyed it because I was fortunate enough to be in Cleveland for five months, which included the Cavs’ run last season. Brian Windhorst, the author of the book, joined the show to talk about the book and other things NBA.
  • Tomorrow on the show we will have Laurel D’Antoni on the show and I have high hopes for this visit because of her wit, intelligence and most importantly, ability to bust Mike and Seth’s balls.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind:
— Police are searching for a man in Cleveland who recorded a Facebook live video of himself killing an elderly man. I’m not even going to link the story because I described all that you need to know about the story. News stations have been playing the video up to the point where the man pulls out the gun and since I saw what news stations have been showing I’ve been troubled not just by the actions of the killer, but also the actions of the news stations.

What exactly is there to gain by showing this footage? It does nothing to expand the story, it’s disgusting and unfair to the victim’s family and by showing the video it gives credence to what the killer’s goal was, which was to scare people, get attention and have his killing go viral. Also, some curious people might actually try to go watch the video now. I don’t get it and news organizations that showed the video should be ashamed of themselves. ***I didn’t watch the full video, have no intention to and anyone who watched it after knowing what happens needs help***

— Now that I have the heavy stuff out of the way here’s a fun internet video, when trying to be cool on the internet goes wrong. I haven’t stopped laughing since I was introduced to this video over the weekend.. I’ve watched it at least 10 times since. I at least respect how quick the guy was humbled after trying to be cool backfired. WARNING: NSFW

— If you liked a quarterback and wanted the best for him would you want him to play for Bill O’Brien? I keep asking myself this question because of my rooting interest in Deshaun Watson and how much I admire the young man. We’ll probably get into this tomorrow on the show.

— Three words or less to describe all eight NBA first round Playoff Matchups one game through:

  • Golden State-Portland: Hey, they covered!
  • San Antonio-Memphis: Watching Paint Dry
  • Houston-Oklahoma City: Straight Ass Kicking
  • Los Angeles-Utah: Dying Clippers Core
  • Boston-Chicago: Chicago Will Win
  • Cleveland-Indiana: Indiana’s Chance Gone
  • Washington-Atlanta: Atlanta Bores Me
  • Toronto-Milwaukee: The Greek Freak

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