By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth had an epic argument yesterday, but followed it up in a weak manner than included electron analogies and listing past drafts.

4-7 Headlines

Mike and Seth discuss the options the Texans have and what national people are saying about the formatics of the organization when it comes to evaluating the position.

The guys discuss the Astros one series into the season and Landry Locker continues his experiment of watching baseball through football goggles.

4-7 MeltsDown: Mike’s proposal to end basketball games

Nate Bargatze joins Mad Radio in studio to discuss his shows at the Houston Improv this weekend and Seth mispronounces his game despite him being one of his favorite comedians.

Seth is making science analogies about electrons and Landry says that very few people understand what he’s talking about, which leads to a $20 bet and an office survey.

Mad Discussion: Are Cutler and Kaepernick good options for the Texans following Romo’s retirement.

4-7 Mad Takes

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio in studio to discuss why he thinks Tony Romo made the right decision and more.

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