By Garret Heinrich

Some days it is your day. Other days you get hit with thrown baseballs three times in one inning.  That is what happened to Stephen Piscotty, the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder.

During the 5th inning of the Cardinals and Chicago Cubs game, Piscotty was hit three times by thrown balls.  It started when he was hit by a 3-1 pitch in the right elbow.  He then tried to advance to second on a pitch in the dirt and was hit in his left elbow.  Finally, he advanced towards home on an error and the throw missed the catcher’s glove and hit the battered base runner in the head.

The good news, the run scored.

It really is like an MLB version of Scott Sterling.  Luckily for us the internet already figured that out and put it together.


And Just because, here is the original Scott Sterling video.


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