By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth react to the Astros 2-0 start and all of the wild events of Tuesday night.

Tony Romo is replacing Phil Simms in the booth and the guys react to the news.

Some members of the national media are now saying that Bill O’Brien loves Tom Savage and that Savage would have started last season if it had been up to O’Brien.

4-5 Headlines: Phil Simms loves to use the word football.

The 1st edition of baseball with football goggles with Landry Locker where every baseball game is treated like a football Overreaction Monday.

4-5 MeltsDown

4-5 Mad Takes

Mike and Seth give listeners a chance to ask John McClain anything.

Darren McKee from 104.3 The Fan in Denver joins Mad Radio to discuss what the mood is in Denver compared to Houston and how the Texans should feel about Romo choosing broadcasting over the Texans.


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