With Brock Osweiler being shipped out of town and Tony Romo heading to the broadcast booth, the Houston Texans QB search continues.  Every show on SportsRadio 610 has taken calls and texts from fans sharing their thoughts and frustrations on the situation.  But one Texans fan wanted to share his thoughts in a letter directed to Mr. McNair and Rick Smith.

To: McNair and Smith

From: A Fan who’s had to watch 14yrs of horrible QB play.

As a diehard Houston Texans fan, I have earned the right to speak on a platform that will reach the ears of the front office. For years I have spent my hard earned money on jerseys, tickets, memorabilia, overpriced beer, etc.  So forgive me when I say it, I’m tired of always hearing well maybe next year.  We should demand more from a team who sells out typically every game. A fan base who has won best tailgating venue in the NFL.  As Texans fans we are always behind our guys, even the 2-14 years. We have endured the years in the beginning, when you (front office) could always fall back on well we are an expansion team.  The years when you fell back on, well it’s the coaches fault we will change that and it will be better. Years in which you thought having a great defense would get us where we needed to be. Last but not least the years when you fell back on well we won the AFC South isn’t that enough.

Are we not as deserving of a decent QB as the next team. I’m not asking for Tom Brady or Joe Montana, but a Palmer, Stafford, Cousins, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Wilson would suffice.  I’m tired of hoping that mediocre free agent QB’s, will somehow be different on our team.  I’m tired of hoping that the QB we draft will pan out as the face of our franchise. I’m tired.  I listen to most of our Houston media outlets (SportsRadio 610, Texans Radio, and the legendary Mr. McClain) religiously, so I hear all kinds of different possible scenarios as potential Texan signings.  Over the years it seems we are always on the losing end when it comes to the most important position on our team (the QB).

So how long do we let franchise QB’s (Prescott, Winston, Mariota, Carr, Luck, Wilson, Stafford, Ryan, Flacco, Rogers, etc….) keep going elsewhere. Before you say anything about well those were top draft picks and we had a lot higher draft picks those years, have you (Rick Smith) ever heard of trading up.  So Mr. McNair are you just OK with winning the division, or making the second round of the playoffs?  As fans looking from the outside, it sure seems that way. You have fired or replaced 3 head coaches in Rick Smiths tenure. So I’m starting to think the definition of insanity may apply here.  So why haven’t we replaced the guy who has failed to supply a suitable player for the most important position on the team.

I’m not sure how many QB’s we have to go through (I think we have started 16 over our franchises history) before you say enough is enough.  We as fans are tired of horrible QB play.  Some may not agree with me when I say I don’t care who or what we have to trade to get a decent QB.  Four years ago the Denver broncos took a chance on Manning (who we could have had) and we all know how that turned out.  We as fans, along with the offensive and defensive units hope you give us our messiah in the near future.

I love this town and all the sport in it. But above all else, nothing gets my gears turning like football season. So Mr. McNair show us you care about winning a Super Bowl, and either let O’Brien find our QB or fire Rick Smith, so another GM can find our QB.  We as fans are just that fans.  We don’t make multi-million dollar deals, or decide who starts or sits. But what I know we do is come to the games, and cheer for whatever it is you put on the field. But sooner or later we are going to get tired of hoping, wishing and disappointment.  We are just going to quit watching.

It seems this rant has been a lot about hopes so I guess it should end that way. So in my best Morgan Freeman voice, I’m so excited I can barely sit still at the thought of a pro bowl QB.  I think it’s the excitement only a fan without ever having a good QB can feel.  A fan whose journey hopes to end on February 4, 2018.  I hope to see my franchise QB and shake his hand.  I hope the sky is as blue as I can remember it in my dreams during our SB parade.  I hope.

  1. I wonder if this fan would have drafted Tannehill, Ponder, Mallett, Mettenberger, RGIII,
    Gabbert, Osweiler, Jamarcus Russell, Bryce Petty, Hackenberg, etc, etc. Just because a
    player is drafted in the èarly rounds doesn’t guarantee success. Brady, Russell Wilson and
    Dak are a few names that show otherwise. I’m with you on trading for Phillip Rivers though.
    Otherwise there is a can’t miss First round pick in Weeden, on the roster.

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