By Landry Locker

The offseason speculation surrounding what Tony Romo will do in 2017 has finally concluded and we now know Romo will replace Phil Simms in the CBS broadcast booth in 2017, not play football for the Houston Texans. This decision brings up many questions and thoughts, which I’ve decided to address in today’s Mad Nugs.

— Many people in Houston have expressed frustration over the volume of Romo talk on the SportsRadio 610 airwaves. Trust me, I get it, but the possibility of landing Romo isn’t something that could’ve been ignored especially given the dismal quarterback history of the Texans franchise. You have to play the hits in this business and although it seems like a big waste of time now it had to be discussed.

— However, you can slowly pour one out for Romo talk in Houston because unless he’s calling a Texans game there won’t be much talk of him moving forward. There might be a little bit more this week, but after that it’s back the quarterback search.

— Last week Texans owner Bob McNair said the Cowboys didn’t have leverage with Romo when he told Jarrett Bell of USA TODAY Sports the following:

“He saw the trade we made,” McNair told USA TODAY Sports, alluding to the startling deal that sent Osweiler, his $16 million salary for 2017 and a second-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in a pay dump. “(Jones) wants to make a trade. I understand that.

“But he’s between a rock and a hard place with that.”

I wonder what McNair had heard up to that point because in hindsight he looks either extremely out of touch with the situation or like a guy who was misled into believing that Romo wanted to play football in 2017.

— At no point during the offeason did anyone report that Romo wanted to play football in 2017, we never heard that. There were hundreds of Romo reports and not one credible report said that he wanted to play football in 2017, not one.

— Some people are saying the Texans and Broncos missed out on an opportunity to land Romo by not offering the Cowboys something to acquire him. That makes zero given sense given the previous nug. Romo never said he wanted to play football so why would a team trade for someone that didn’t know if they were going to play?

–The people of Houston weighed in on the end of the Tony Romo speculation today on Mad Radio and there was some good stuff from our listeners.


— People who hate Romo might start liking him a lot more due to the fact he’s replacing Phil Simms, who many people hate more. For the record, I don’t hate Phil Simms as much as everyone else, but I have yet to meet someone who likes his broadcasting work.

— Today on Mad Radio we were discussing how Romo news would come today when the news broke. It was ironic, fascinating and a complete rush for the remainder of the show.

— What now for the Texans at quarterback? Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick, RG3, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the quarterbacks in the draft are the names that are out there unless Bill O’Brien is comfortable with Tom Savage being the clear-cut starter heading into the season. My list would be: 1. Cutler 2. Rookie competing with Savage 3. Who the hell knows?

— I’ve seen it thrown out there that Romo could return to football in an emergency situation in the middle of the season. That won’t happen and if it does it will be a disaster because of Romo’s tendency to get fat and out of shape during the offseason. If Romo gets fat during the offseason when he expects to play football then what do you think will happen when he’s in the media with three kids and no strict workout routine? It’s not going to happen and if it does it will be a train wreck.

— The Dallas Cowboys haven’t made the playoffs in consecutive seasons since 1999 and that streak will continue in 2017.


  • There will be more tape and pressure on Dak Prescott.
  • There are holes to fill on what was already a mediocre (at best) defense and not enough time or resources to fill them.
  • The schedule is VERY difficult.
  • Even on the offensive line, the strength of the team, they have to replace Ronald Leary, who started 12 games in 2016, and Doug Free, who started every game.
  • It’s hard to repeat success in the NFL, it just is. There’s a reason the Cowboys haven’t made it to the playoffs in consecutive seasons in nearly two decades.

The Cowboys will NOT be in the playoffs in 2017. You can copy and paste this, mark it, hold onto it, do whatever you want with it, but the Cowboys will follow up their 2016 season the same way they followed their 2014 season.

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