By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Opening night for the Houston Astros newest catcher Brian McCann was not great offensively, as he finished the night 0-3 with a strikeout. But following the game starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel credited him as one of the key cogs in the team’s shutout win over the Seattle Mariners.

“I didn’t shake off one single time,” Dallas Keuchel said of McCann’s game plan. “He knew exactly what he wanted and I was right on (same) page with him.”

It’s only one game into McCann’s career as an Astro but Keuchel already heralds him as a key for the pitching staff this season.

“He want’s the pitchers to do so well,” Keuchel said. “It’s very evident in the way he received a lot of the baseballs to the umpire (Monday night) is something you can’t teach.”

McCann for his career owns a 3.80 catcher ERA and he’s been able to catch some of the game’s best starters and relievers; John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, Craig Kimbrel, David Robertson and Andrew Miller just to name a few.

McCann’s resume says there should be little doubt that he can’t bring some of the things he’s learned throughout his career, here to help the Astros pitching staff.

Every game McCann catches won’t be a shutout, but if he has the same chemistry with Keuchel as he has with all the other pitchers on the staff it could be a very good season pitching wise for the Astros.


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