By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss Russell Westbrook’s record-breaking last night in Orlando and if he took control of the MVP race.

Would Texans fans consider Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms in the booth a consolation prize if Romo decides not to play football in 2017?

3-30 Headlines

Mike random request to play Tom Coughlin audio on Seth leads to a new theme for today’s then, random audio day.

Mike and Seth discuss the dynamic in the Texans front office and randomly breakdown the Nixon administration.

Dr. Howard Cotler joins Mike and Seth to discuss how much time James Harden needs to rest his wrist to be 100% for the playoffs.

3-30 MeltsDown: Mike’s strong Texans take and Seth’s forecast.

John Harris joins Mad Radio to talk draft and U of H’s Pro Day.

3-30 Mad Takes

3-30 Screw Em


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