By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

  • Mike and Seth maintained that they both think James Harden is still the MVP, but there seemed to be a little doubt in their voices that he was going to get the award following Russ Westbrook’s performance in Orlando last night.
  • Seth’s take that Kevin Arnold from Wonder Years is why his generation is so whiny was interesting. I may or may not be fabricating his words.
  • I enjoyed RAD, Random Audio Day. This might be a thing moving forward.
  • Usually I’m entertained when Seth makes Mike uncomfortable, but I was just as uncomfortable as Melts when Seth was analyzing porta potties.
  • Melts brought up an interesting point about Romo potentially covering golf. I do wonder how golf fans would look at that.
  • Hearing Donald Trump’s interaction with Mariano Rivera compared to the headlines caused me to feel bad for the man, which I admit can be difficult to do.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— Until Tony Romo publicly says that he wants to play football in 2017, which he hasn’t, or that he feels like he has been done wrong by the Cowboys, which he also hasn’t, all of this talk about the Cowboys holding him hostage is irrational speculation and assumption.

— Adam Spolane does a good job covering the Rockets for SportsRadio 610, but this Tweet made me shake my head.

— Sitting out doesn’t guarantee Harden’s wrist gets 100%. No kidding?! In other news, surgery doesn’t guarantee an injury heals 100%, saving money doesn’t 100% guarantee you’ll have money for retirement and not driving while texting doesn’t 100% guarantee you don’t get in a car wreck.

Sitting out increases the chances of healing an injured wrist more than playing basketball.

— Here is my most hated NBA Player Of All Time from every team:

Atlanta, Jon Koncak- One of the most overpaid players in the league when I first started attending games in the early nineties and just had a whiny on-court vibe to him.

Boston, Kendrick Perkins- A total stiff. It’s amusing how much his impact in Boston is fabricated and exaggerated. He stood in the paint behind some of the best defensive players at their positions with Tom Thibodeau, one of the best defensive coaches in the NBA, as an assistant coach. There are many stiffs that could have done what he did. I used to cringe every time I’d hear the aging Celtics try to use his departure as an excuse for why they fell apart rather than Father Time.

Brooklyn/New Jersey, Evan Eschmeyer- It’s hard to imagine anyone ever looked nerdier in a basketball uniform than him.

Charlotte, Jamaal Magloire- He once got in a cussing match with one of my friends, I disliked him ever since.

Chicago, Ron Harper- I rooted against the Bulls as a kid despite the fact I liked many players on their roster, but Harper was not one of those guys.

Cleveland, Mo Williams- Making Williams an All Star and getting him a Nike commercial is the most impressive LeBron James will ever do on a basketball court.

Dallas, Donald Hodge- Only people from Dallas will understand this so I won’t bother explaining it. Long story short, he couldn’t hoop.

Denver, Dikembe Mutombo- I loved the nineties Sonics as a kid and the image of him crying on the ground while gripping the ball following No. 8 seed Denver’s upset of No. 1 seed Seattle is traumatic.

Detroit, Terry Mills- I never understood how he was in the league.

Golden State, Rony Seikaly- A whiny, suave, flamboyant European soccer vibe in the form of 6-10 basketball player.

Houston, Royce White- This is obvious.

Indiana, Mark Jackson- The best part of his game was how well he used to back guys down 70 feet away from the basket. I also resent him because he treats every broadcast like a job interview for a coaching issue.

LAC, Chris Kaman- No willingness to play defense and in much need of a tanning bed.

LAL, Rick Fox- I developed the term RFL’s aka Rick Fox Looks to describe scrubs getting open looks because of star players. I don’t think he would have bothered me as much if he hadn’t clearly thought he was a more integral piece of the Shaq-Kobe Lakers than he actually was.

Memphis/Vancouver, Brent Price- Do I have something against white basketball players or something?

Miami, Rex Walters- Honestly, I just didn’t like his character in the movie Blue Chips.

Milwaukee, Scott Williams- I could never grasp why I wasn’t a fan of his game, but I never was.

Minnesota, Dean Garrett- Just too vanilla for my taste especially side-by-side with KG.

New York, Patrick Ewing- I felt sorry for the guy that had to guard him during because of how much he would sweat. He sweat more during warmups than any player during his time did during the game.

Oklahoma City, Kendrick Perkins- The only two-time player on this list. He was supposed to help the Thunder takes the next step, but didn’t. A non-factor on offense and overrated defensively. He stole money from OKC.

Orlando, Dennis Scott- He once told me, “I gotta go get tired” when I asked him for an autograph as a kid.

Philadelphia, Eric Snow- Snow was the most frequent answer the the question, “Which NBA player do you irrationally think you could be one-on-one?”

Phoenix, Tim Thomas- He started feeling himself way too much when he played with those Suns teams in the 2000’s and was getting all of those open looks.

Portland, Joe Kleine- One of the most punchable faces in the history of sports.

Sacramento, Doug Christie- The guy shouted out his wife through sign language 100 times a game and wasn’t allowed to talk to female reporters.

San Antonio, Danny Ferry- What a total weasel he was.

Toronto, Del Curry- Nothing personal, but one of my best friends growing up used to kill me with Del Curry in NBA Live. I think he had 88 points one game and I broke the controller after the game.

Utah, Greg Ostertag- If you ever see me around town or on a remote ask me about my embarrassing interaction with the Ostertag family as a teenager in 2001.

— Today’s celebrity birthday whose party I would most like to attend: Richard Sherman, who turns 29. It would be fun to have an extended conversation with one of the NFL’s most outspoken players especially the day after reports came out that Seattle was listening to offers for him.

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