By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth immediately react to Bill O’Brien’s words from the NFL Owners Meetings.

Mike and Seth have a healthy disagreement about Bill O’Brien’s tenure as head coach of the Texans.

3-29 Headlines

Seth Payne is convinced that given the QB situation 2017 will be O’Brien’s last year which causes a passionate caller to call in and question his take.

In the spirit of Jay Cutler showing his ass Seth and Mike evaluate NFL quarterbacks by their bodies and if they’d want them on their pickup basketball team.

3-29 Headlines: It’s time for The Beard to rest,

John McClain joins Mad Radio from the Owners meetings and Mike makes him uncomfortable with a question about the quarterbacks in the division.

3-29 Mad Takes: Fist fight tales and generational hangout gaps.

Joe Mixon is off a couple team’s draft boards and the Raiders are already getting a Vegas taste.

A conversation about Tony Romo results in a battle between Mad Radio and The Triple Threat. This might be headline porn – Landry Locker


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