By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • Has there been any accountability by the Texans front office when it comes to the failed Osweiler experiment? I don’t expect transparency from a front office, but it seems like there have been a lot of excuses.
  • Here’s what we have heard directly/indirectly from the Texans camp in regards to the failed Osweiler experiment
    1. Brock and Bill O’Brien couldn’t get along.
    2. They didn’t have enough time to get to know him before signing him because of the flawed system.
    3. Rick Smith is a genius for being able to trade Osweiler to Houston.
  • Is Osweiler really that much different than the other quarterbacks that have played for the Texans during the Bill O’Brien era? McNair can make all the excuses he wants, but Osweiler is just another name added to the list of mediocre quarterbacks that have played in Houston during the B.O.B. era.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, Brock Osweiler, Case Keenum. Rank these quarterbacks 1-5 (all money the same): 50 people could rank these five quarterbacks and I bet there would be 25 different results.
  • Here’s what I’d like to hear from Bob McNair: “Brock Osweiler is another mediocre quarterback to suit up for the Houston Texans under Bill O’Brien and we wish him the best. Yes, he was more expensive than the others, but the on-field success was similar. Rick, Bill and I will continue the attempt to get off of the QB treadmill of mediocrity this off season.”
  • Paul Gallant and Seth Payne have both had elite rants in reaction to the Owners Meetings, but which one is the better rant?
  • Rant 1: Seth Payne had an entertaining rant about all of the whining that has gone on within the Texans organization.
  • Rant 2: Paul Gallant sounds off Bob McNair’s praise of Rick Smith and the Raiders move to Las Vegas last night
  • The winner: Gallant in a landslide. I love Seth’s rant, but his Happy Gilmore-like apology right after the emotional outburst disqualies him from this Nug Rant Showdown.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— Patrick Beverley’s wild ass nature is what makes him the player he is and I don’t doubt he truly believes what he’s saying when talking about players resting, but his words couldn’t be more foolish.

If LeBron James, who has played more basketball than anyone in the last 15 years, wants to rest before he attempts to makes the NBA Finals for the seventh consecutive season then he should be able to rest without being called out by someone five years younger who hasn’t been in the NBA Finals before.

The goal of all NBA coaches should be to have players fresh and at their best heading into the playoffs. In fact, Mike D’Antoni should start thinking about resting Beverley, James Harden and others before the playoffs begin.

— Cam Newton said he was Mexico, I mean Mexican. I don’t have a strong take here, but I will give Cam the benefit of the doubt and say he just sucks at trying to be funny.

— Today’s celebrity birthday whose party I would most like to attend: Derek Carr, who turns 26. Who wouldn’t want to pick a franchise quarterback’s brain the day after he gets official word that his team will be moving to Las Vegas?

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