By Adam Spolane


Throughout the debate over whether or not NBA teams should be resting players, the Rockets have been outspoken against the practice. After their 137-125 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday at Toyota Center, Patrick Beverley took that a step further.

“I don’t believe in resting. I think that’s bullshit. I think that that’s a disgrace to this league. I think that fans deserve better. I can care less if coaches ask players to rest or not, it’s up to you to play or not and if you don’t, then you’re disrespecting the game and I don’t believe in disrespecting the game because there was a time where I wasn’t playing in the NBA, and I was trying to get here, so me resting, I think that’s disrespecting me, disrespecting the name on the front of the jersey and disrespecting the name on the back of the jersey.”

Before joining the Rockets in 2013, Beverley played in Ukraine, Greece and Russia, and while he understands injuries happen the Rockets guard believes healthy players should be out there every night.

“If you’re feeling ok you should play,” he said. “That’s what you get paid for, that’s what fans deserve, that’s what the city deserves, and I’m just happy we’re in a position where we’re fortunate to have a team that the main players, the second unit, 1 through 15, if they’re available to play, we play, and that’s how our mindset is.”


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