By Derek Fogel

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Another rumor has been added to the mill as to where Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo will end up. Television network CBS has apparently thrown their name in the sweepstakes. FOX was the first network to extend a hand in potentially offering Romo.

Other rumors have also been swirling going into the weekend. Some say that commentary position openings for Tony are his agent’s work in attempts to increase his value. Another report also claims that the Denver Broncos are no longer interested in him.

Also, sources close to Romo have claimed that he believes the Houston Texans are his only option to play next season. If he cannot play in Houston, he is apparently likely to retire. Despite the sources claiming to be close to Tony, none of the reports have been confirmed by Tony himself.

The best rumor regarding Romo in recent days though, is one that claims that a deal is expected sometime next week. Wherever he lands, there are plenty of questions for him to answer. As it relates to the Houston Texans, either result for Tony should help us gain clarity on the Texans plans for the recently turbulent quarterback position.

Derek Fogel, Reporter/Host, @FogelSaidWhat