By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • Today during the show I presented the most ideal Rockets Formula for a championship run, which is basicallt the same formula the Dallas Mavericks used during their 2011 run. The clip is below and the similarities between the 2011 Mavs and this Rockets team are in the Nugs.
  • I don’t sense that any member of the show was huge on the World Baseball Classic and I think Seth might hate Jim Leyland.
  • Mike Meltser got a massage in Las Vegas and anyone who makes fun of that has never had one before, easily one of my five favorite things in the world.
  • Marc Vandermeer is the ultimate professional and the ideal guest for a show to have, he always comes in with an idea of what he wants to talk about and his on-air energy is contagious.
  • Mike didn’t know the difference between Mr. T and Apollo Creed.


Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— I would make fun of the MLB for their amusing attempt at forced patriotism in the World Baseball Classic, but it seemed to work on some people on the internet.

— Here are five similarities between the 2011 Dallas Mavericks and this year’s Houston Rockets:

  1. Mavs were the 3-seed in the west, Rockets will be the 3 seed in the west.
  2. Both have one Superstar player on the roster, who despite being a great player, endured a lot of criticism at this point in their careers and were looked at as one-dimensional.
  3. Both have a supporting cast of hungry, ringless veterans (No member of the 2011 Mavs had a ring, Trevor Ariza is only member of Rockets with one).
  4. Both have accomplished, battle-tested ringless coaches that are former coaches of the year,
  5. LeBron is the opponent in the East.

There are a few small differences, but this is most likely the championship formula fr the Rockets. I covered that 2011 Mavericks run and this is the most comparable championship formula.

— Seth broke down Dancing With The Stars during today’s show, which always makes me think about this clip from Cedric The Entertainer mocking Jerry Rice’s appearance on the show.


— Every passionate sports fan has players they hated to watch growing up for whatever the reason. It could be something as petty as the way  they wore (or wear) their uniform, the way they performed against your favorite team, anything. Last night during show prep I put together a list of the NFL players I hated from each NFL team. It could be a player or coach. Here’s my list…

Buffalo, Doug Flutie- Guys like me fueled the fire for Flutie to succeed. Seeing that little guy running around irked me and the Flutie Flakes were the icing on the cake.

Miami, Dan Marino- He just never did it for me and his shortcomings with Jimmy Johnson rubbed me the wrong way.

New England, Teddy Bruschi- The prototypical you hate him when he’s not on your team, but hate him when he’s not guy.

NYJ, Vinny Testaverde- It’s unfair, but I never forgave him for being my quarterback the first year I ever played fantasy football and getting hurt in week one.

Baltimore, Trent Dilfer- Fair or not, I just always felt like any quarterback could have won a Super Bowl when he did. 

Cincinnati, Peter Warrick- I disliked Florida State a lot as a kid and he was damn good. 

Cleveland, Joe Thomas- He just comes across as too much of a try-hard to be funny guy and during my short time in Cleveland the fact he was always smiling and joking around on the sidelines when they were getting killed bothered me.

Pittsburgh, Kevin Greene- That corny routine where his wife would beat his shoulder pads before the game never resonated with me.

Houston, Seth Payne- A real jackass.

Indianapolis, Peyton Manning- When I used to play Madden his changing of plays at the line of scrimmage caused games to take way too long during Dynasty mode and to add salt to the wound he was so damn good. To this day the only QB that could beat me when I’d play against the computer.

Jacksonville, Blaine Gabbert- Never thought he was that good at Missouri, laughed when Jacksonville took him early in the draft and have never been a fan

Tennessee, Jeff Fisher- He was exposed in St. Louis and I can’t forgive him for the way he treated and blackballed Vince Young.

Denver, Peyton Manning- Same reasons as previously mentioned

Kansas City, Joe Montana- Never looked right in that uniform and hated to watch it.

San Diego, Manti Te’o- I just can’t get over the fake girlfriend. I’m sorry, I just can’t,

Oakland, Jerry Rice- He just didn’t look right in that uniform and those fadeaway braids were hard to look at.

Dallas, Bill Bates- I’m sure he was once a good player, but during my time he was an overpraised, overhyped Rudy.

NYG, Tiki Barber- From the way he held the ball to the way he always seemed to play well when I was rooting against him to that smile I couldn’t stand him.

Philly, Brian Dawkins- He was a badass, but he wasn’t on my team so I despised him.

Washington, Brian Mitchell- The total yardage bit wore me out.

Chicago, Dick Butkus- I got tired of hearing about him from older people every time a linebacker made a play.

Detroit, The whole team except Barry Sanders during his era- I felt so bad for Barry.

Green Bay, Brett Favre- The drama at the end of his career was an ass kicking.

Minnesota, Cris Carter- He was always yelling at my favorite player, Randy Moss.

Atlanta, Ray Buchanan- He was way too flashy for what he was. A poor, poor man’s Deion.

Carolina, Kevin Greene- Two appearances.

Saints, Deuce McCallister- I actually liked him as a player, but I hold him being the Ricky Williams replacement against him.

Tampa Bay, Warren Sapp- Has been exposed as just an all-around bad dude.

Arizona, Emmitt Smith- It was pitiful to see the NFL’s All-Time leading rusher trying to pad his stats on a bad team.

St. Louis, Kevin Carter- I was annoyed by his superhero fascination.

Seattle, Shaun Alexander- Between the elbow pads, not wearing gloves and the corniest touchdown celebration of all time, the violin playing with the football, I couldn’t stand him.

San Francisco, Merton Hanks- When he used to make plays against the Cowboys and shake his neck I wanted to break my TV.

— It’s fascinating how much the mainstream has embraced Gucci Mane since his release from prison. Here is a picture of him and Jamal Crawford in Los Angeles earlier this week. Everyone knows I love Gucci and I’m a big fan of JC, too, which makes me a fan of this picture.

— Today’s celebrity birthday whose party I would most like to attend: Kyrie Irving. I hear he likes to party and I would like to pick his brain on this world is flat theory that broke the internet a couple weeks ago.

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