By: Shaun BijaniBy Shaun Bijani


Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Former Texas A&M and NFL quarterback Jerrod Johnson joined Cody Stoots and John Lopez on “In the Loop” today, and offered up his opinion on what exactly the Houston Texans backup plan should be for quarterback in the event they are not able to land Tony Romo.

“I personally like Jay Cutler, I think his skill set is there. It’s one of those things you just don’t know. You just don’t know, but I like Jay Cutler, I actually think Bill O’Brien is a great football coach, I think he’s a great football mind, will those two personalities match? Johnson said. “It might, that’s the crazy thing about. It may be crazy enough to work.”

It also might be the worst decision the Texans could make.

The fan base and media alike are already desperate for a quarterback. The Texans on the other hand, aren’t there yet, but they might be getting close, simply judging by their lack of activity in free agency.

While the Texans have stood pat thus far in free agency, other teams within the division have gotten better already this off season.

With the Texans clearing cap space by trading Brock Osweiler to Cleveland, they have just about $30 million available to spend.

There is a priority list, and likely atop that list is locking up receiver DeAndre Hopkins to a long term deal.
They can’t make any other moves until they do that, except for one, otherwise, it’s not a good look.

That one move is acquiring and signing a quarterback. It could be Tony Romo, or it could be another guy. It could also be a guy in the draft, which is not likely, just to be a guy in the draft.

After all, Hopkins, if he’s smart, won’t sign on any dotted line unless he’s content with the decision the Texans have made with a quarterback.

Whatever the Texans do, they can’t bring Jay Cutler in.

In a report from ESPN in 2015, they cited “at least 10 former Chicago Bears staffers from the Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman regimes” who said they don’t think the Bears can contend for a title with Cutler as the quarterback. None of those “at least 10” were mentioned by name.

In addition, two teammates, also spoke anonymously, and said they’d rather not keep playing with Cutler.

The reasons for all the animosity in 2015 toward Cutler seem to have stemmed from his personality, as those who have worked with him say he lacks leadership qualities and is not a positive presence in the Bears’ locker room.

There was also talk that he didn’t run the offense the way the coaches wanted, and that in hindsight some people within the organization think Cutler should have lost his starting job to Josh McCown in 2013.

The Texans have been down this road with a QB lacking these vital personality traits. There is no need to make a bad situation worse. This regime has already wasted 1 year of a really good defense, and you could argue 2.

If it has to go forth with Tom Savage and develop a quarterback which they acquire through the draft, or someone else then so be it, but it won’t be a guy they can’t trust to NOT implode and bring cancerous qualities with him like Cutler has shown he is capable of in Chicago, if there are bumps in the road or things go awry.

Jerrod Johnson did qualify his opinion of Cutler with an important anecdote.

“Every NFL transaction is a crap shoot, every single one of them.” Johnson cautioned. “No matter how sure fire, how much sense it makes, every single one of them has a huge margin for error.”

The Texans margin for error has shrunk considerably after making a hasty decision on signing Osweiler last offseason. The patience from the Texans fan base has dissipated considerably as well, and signing Jay Cutler would do nothing but set this franchise back further than getting strong-armed and baited to sign Osweiler last offseason.


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