By Landry Locker

Mike is way too hard on himself, which amuses Seth. Plus, with so many definitions floating around the internet Seth, Mike and Landry find that they have a different definition for a word Seth uses to open the show.

Mike and Seth discuss the recent SportsRadio 610 story about the Texans quiet offseason and read what fans are saying on the internet.

3-22 Headlines

3-22 MeltsDown

Mad Radio gives The General John McClain and listeners the floor in Ask McClain Anything.

John McClain joins MaD Radio for his weekly visit to discuss if JJ Watt can return to his pre-injury form, why the Texans are so quiet this offseason and why he believes they draft a QB in the first round.

3-22 Mad Takes

Ian Rapoport gives Mad Radio the latest on Tony Romo and how much longer the speculation will continue in Houston and around the league.


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