Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans want Tony Romo. They can have him if they are willing to trade for him from the Dallas Cowboys, as Dallas has not yet released the veteran quarterback.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport joined Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on Mad Radio on SportsRadio 610 on Wednesday and said that the Texans will wait for that release and not trade for Romo.

“My understanding of the Texans stance is they are not going to trade for Tony Romo,”  Rapoport told Mad Radio. “I have some pretty good sources that are pretty adamant about that. Maybe that changes as we get closer to the draft, but I don’t believe it will. It certainly sounds like a situation where the Texans are just going to wait and wait and if Tony Romo gets released they will definitely be interested. If he doesn’t get released then I don’t think they’ll be interested.”

Why don’t the Texans want to guarantee they get Romo and offer a lower round pick to the Cowboys for the 37-year-old’s services?

“Let’s say the Texans trade for Tony Romo,” Rapoport explained. “Then you have $14 million of salary on the books.

“So, if you’re Romo and you get traded to the Texans, they trade for you and they say, ‘alright let’s rework your salary, make it a little lower.’ Romo would say, ‘why would I? You just traded for my contract. Why would I do anything? Just pay me whatever is on the books to pay me.’

“I think the contract, though it’s actually sort of friendly as it’s less than what a lot of starters would make, it’s probably not what the Texans, or the Broncos for that matter, are looking to pay.  If you trade for Romo then there is no reason for him to re-work his contract.”

According to Rapoport Romo did think that he was going to be released on the start of free agency, but Ian hadn’t heard from anyone within the Cowboys that the plan was ever to release him.






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