By Ryan McCredden

It’s two weeks into NFL free agency and the Texans QB situation is the biggest question mark on any team that is not picking top 5 in the draft. Brock Osweiler is gone and we are all happy. Tom Savage is raising his hand saying “I can be the guy!”, but lack of actual game play and injuries remain a concern. And Jerry Jones continues to be untrue to his word and hasn’t released Tony Romo. So the question mark on the biggest position on the team grows bigger every day.

The other day a non-SportsRadio 610 co-worker came to my office and said “OK, if the Texans can’t get Romo then I know what they need to do. Sign Jay Cutler!”. Luckily I was sitting down and not drinking anything.

Jay Cutler played for the Chicago Bears for 8 years. In those 8 years Cutler played 13 games against the Green Bay Packers. (Jay hasn’t started every game in a season since 2009. So if you are on the don’t sign Romo cause he’ll get injured bandwagon, then you better say the same thing about Cutler) And in those 13 games against the Packers, Jay Cutler has thrown 23 interceptions. I’m going to make you read that again. In 13 games against one team…23 interceptions.

The Texans are my team. I know them more and want them to win more than any other team. But as a Packers fan as well. I was sad that the Bears released Jay Cutler. And I’d be even sadder if the Texans signed him.

So, I now give you, all 23 reasons the Texans should not sign Jay Cutler.


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