By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – One of the big moves for the Houston Texans this offseason will be on the defensive side of the ball.

Romeo Crennel who had been the defensive coordinator the past few years will be vacating his position and linebackers coach Mike Vrabel will be taking over the defense.

Crennel will stay with the team as an assistant head coach, but Vrabel will be the man in charge.

While this will be Vrabel’s first time as a defensive coordinator, Vince Wilfork is not worried one bit.

“I don’t think the Texans defense will miss a beat,” Vince Wilfork said. “He played the game at a high level and is very smart, I don’t think I ever seen a football player especially on my side that smart, that knows the game not just defense.”

Vrabel made his name as a linebacker on the New England Patriots where he’d go on to help them win three super bowls. After his playing days, he coached linebackers and defensive line for the Ohio State Buckeyes before joining the Texans in 2014.

Wilfork shared that Vrabel’s knowledge of the position is a big reason that he sees his former teammate being successful.

“If you look at track records of defensive coordinators that’s one of the stops they have to make is a linebackers coach, that’s what he did, he played game, he coached in college, he got to Houston became a linebackers coach and now he’s reaping the benefits,” Wilfork said.

The 13-year veteran has seen plenty of coaches over his lifetime and he feels that Vrabel also has the right mentality to lead a defense.

“I think as a coach you have to be able to teach and he’s a great teacher from kids all the way up to grown men,” Wilfork said.

As a linebackers coach, he’s been a big reason Benardrick McKinney has busted onto the scene for the Texans. With the Buckeyes, he’s also coached Joey Bosa and Michael Bennett.

Vrabel has a ton knowledge after years of playing and he’s helped bring out the most in a lot of players.

Vrabel over the past few seasons has been a hot name to take over other defensives as a coordinator, but he waited his turn in Houston and now it’s his time to show what he can do.