By Garret Heinrich

On Sunday night and into Monday, former Houston Texans running back Arian Foster took to twitter to contemplate his ability to fight a wolf. Not a dog, but a wolf.  Let’s look at the tweets Arian sent out there [WARNING SOME ADULT LANGUAGE USED BELOW]

First, he just wanted to go camping, but his fears worried him.

But maybe the wolf isn’t the wildlife issue that Arian is scared of because he’s pretty confident.

He started breaking down the numbers as soon as people started questioning his ability to take a wild animal.

But Arian wouldn’t take on a whole pack. It’d have to be a lone wolf.

Arian’s Mom chimed in and was not happy with the boy she raised.

Brain size seems to be an advantage for Arian.

Arian is probably looking for a fight.


Arian questioned the skeptics that claim the Wolf would take him down.

Who knows if Arian could beat a wolf in a fight. He seems to think so, but we’ll probably never know. Hopefully Arian doesn’t go looking for a fight.

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