Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Doing a report for FOX 26, Houston’s John Donnelly looked to get comment on some recent road rage incidents from a local commuter. He found Adrian Peterson.  What Donnelly didn’t realize, was that he was asking former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson about the road rage incident.

After Peterson answered his question on road rage, Donnelly asked for the interviewee’s name so he could add the graphic when putting his story together.  When Peterson answered, Donnelly, put two and two together.

“Wait a minute, you’re not…” Donnelly said.

“Yeah,” Peterson answered.

No, Donnelly didn’t follow up with Peterson to see if he wanted to join the Houston Texans.

The veteran reporter did have some fun by sharing the video on Facebook saying, ““Here I am interviewing people on the street and not realizing I’d stopped a celebrity. Enjoy the awkwardness!”

Peterson will be looking for a new team in 2017 after the Vikings announced they will not pick up the running back’s option for the season.





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