The Matt Hammond Show, weekdays on SportsRadio610.comBy Matt Hammond

First segment – 0:00 mark

Would Tony Romo really pick Broncos over Texans?

Does Kevin Durant’s injury give Rockets a shot at winning West?

Second segment – 20:25 mark

Should we be optimistic about JJ Watt in 2017?

How much worse is AJ McCarron than Jimmy Garoppolo?

Third segment – 40:40 mark

Should Texans be *expected* to re-sign AJ Bouye?

Do Rockets have the best offense in NBA?

Fourth segment – 58:30 mark

Would signing with Broncos be a *bad* move for Tony Romo?

Were Rockets right to bet on other teams’ star players getting hurt?

ba logo 02 stacked Would Tony Romo Really Pick The Broncos Over The Texans?

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