Houston (CBS Houston) – Last season the matchup between the Texans and the Oakland Raiders in the 2016 NFL Mexico game in Mexico City generated $250 million for Mexico and $45 million for the United States.

While the Texans lost to the Raiders, 27-20, the game was a wild success financially for all parties. Estadio Azteca drew 76,473 fans in the first ever Monday Night Football game played outside of the country

The game, and all of the other festivities surrounding the game, helped bring 2,840 jobs to Mexico City. In addition to the added workforce, 9,500 visitors from outside of Mexico and 21,500 visitors from other cities in Mexico travelled to witness history.

Aside from the financial impact, the experience was met with rave reviews from the fans. 72% of international visitors indicated that they were more likely to again visit Mexico, while 90% said they would recommend it to those they are close with.

Mexico City will host another NFL game in 2017 as the Raiders will host the New England Patriots, who will be looking to defend their Super Bowl crown.


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