By Bryan Carey

Few things can match the excitement of watching your favorite band perform live in concert. More popular bands can be found touring the country, making stops in the large outdoor amphitheaters and sports venues, but smaller independent rockers often do not have a large enough fan base to fill so many seats. These indie rockers often play in smaller, more intimate venues where fans can enjoy close up views and greater entertainment value. Here are the best places to see indie rock in Houston:

Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel St.
Houston, TX 77003
(713) 225-5483

Located near downtown, Warehouse Live is one of Houston’s favorite places for indie rock. Warehouse Live features a standing room only arrangement with only a few places to sit down, but even in a large, seated venue, you have to stand for most of the show and guests who attend a live show at Warehouse Live don’t seem to care. The Warehouse Live calendar overflows with live shows throughout the month and fans often make a visit to this indie rock venue part of their weekly entertainment routine. It’s common to find older bands at Warehouse Live also, making it great for those who have the occasional nostalgia for a band from the past.

1417 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 522-8500

Houston’s Montrose neighborhood comes alive at Boondocks. Locals love Boondocks for its live music featuring some of the best in local and national indie rock talent. Boondocks has one of the largest dance floors of any Houston concert venue in its size category and this fact sets it apart from others. The drinks are inexpensive and the entertainment is top notch at Boondocks, one of the best places in Houston for an indie rocking good time.

House of Blues
1204 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77002
(888) 402-5837

At House of Blues, music fans can sit in a seated area or stand to watch one of the many and varied live acts take the stage. House of Blues has the feel of an intimate auditorium and it’s a popular venue choice among downtown Houston residents. It is common for performers to walk around during live shows, getting up close and personal with guests, for added memories. House of Blues does schedule blues musicians for its live shows, but there is much more than blues going on at House of Blues, including many of the Houston and the nation’s best indie rock and roll acts.

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White Oak Music Hall
2915 North Main St.
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 237-0370

Head to the Houston Heights area for live music and there is a good chance you will end up at White Oak Music Hall. A trio of stages exist at White Oak Music Hall, with two of them indoors and one of them outdoors. White Oak Music Hall hosts local and national talent and it is common to find multiple shows playing on the different stages at any given time. Drinks are easy to find at White Oak Music Hall thanks to the many bar service areas and they mix some excellent cocktails as opposed to the limited beer and soft drink options found at other concert halls. White Oak Music Hall is an excellent place to soak up the sounds of indie rock in Houston and it is a venue everyone should experience.

BFE Rock Club
11528 Jones Road
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 894-1811 

Residents of Northwest Houston have no need to travel into the city for live music. BFE Rock Club satisfies musical cravings with at least two live shows every week and locals love its comfortable, dive bar persona that lacks all forms of pretension. Sit back at your table while the live music plays or arrive early and stake out a spot near the stage for the most intense experience possible. Whether its local indie rock bands or the occasional metal outfit, BFE Rock Club is ready to fill your mind and soul with the sound of great music.

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