By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Super bowl is one of the most secure events every year in the country.  Every major security agency in the country has a hand in the planning and execution of the event so it goes off without a hitch.

A few young men from “Andrew Productions” have apparently cracked the defenses of the Super Bowl with a ladder.

According to the video posted on Facbeook a few people with along with Andrew Petersen, a Houston native, were able to get past all the security and into NRG Stadium thanks to a random ladder leaning near some fencing.

The video which started sometime at night of the Super Bowl shows at least four people talking about how to sneak into the Super Bowl after ducking through some chain link fence. After the group finds a ladder they use to apparently walk by security.  They show a shot from outside the stadium at halftime as fireworks shot off from teh top of NRG.

On the video they are confronted only by one person telling them they have to turn off their cameras.  Then they show video from the final touchdown the Patriots scored to win Super Bowl LI. There is no actual video evidence with the faces of the group in the video from inside the stadium.  At the end of the video they talk to Guy Fieri who they tell “you can get anywhere you want with a ladder.”

Videos from a Snapchat account claiming to be one of the members of the crew shows some of them hopping fences, then the final snap purportedly shows the group talking to NFL security personnel to show them how they snuck in.

Andrew Productions has had a fake video go viral before when, at the height of the scary clown epedimic, he posted a video running into a clown on a random road in Houston which received more than 900,000 views on facebook.  Peterson shared it on his personal Facebook page with the caption “Don’t worry it was a prank.” The full video on youtube received more than 2.6 million views.


Did Peterson and some friends sneak into the Super Bowl? We’re not sure. There were a few videos that showed them in some of the parking lot areas around NRG that were only accesable to ticketed patrons or media. Unless they had a media pass they are not supposed to be allowed through the doors of the stadium with the types of bags they had. The NFL has a clear bag policy and no one is allowed through the doors of the building with those types of bags.

It can not be confirmed if they actually made it into the stadum or that they didn’t actually have tickets or media passes.

SportsRadio 610 reached out to Andrew Petersen for comment but have not received a response.

Garret Heinrich


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