Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and are due for a trip to the White House, as is the tradition for championship teams in America.  Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has said he will not go on the visit with his teammates.

Bennett’s father, Michael, called into The Triple Threat on SportsRadio 610 on Tuesday to talk about his son’s choice after hearing Sean Pendergast, Rich Lord and Ted Johnson talking about it earlier in the day.

Bennett Sr., now the father of two Super Bowl winning players; Michael Bennett won with the Seahawks in 2014, said he believes Martellus should go to the White House on the team visit.

“I would advise (Martellus) to go the White House,” Michael Bennett Sr. told the Triple Threat. “But at the same time, I do respect the reason why he’s not going to it is it’s because it’s what he believes in.”

Bennett did tell The Triple Threat the younger Michael almost missed his trip to the White House with the Seahawks three years ago, but on the advice of his father made the trip.

“When Michael had the opportunity to go to the White House three years ago, he had another trip lined up,” Bennett said. “I told him to cancel his other trip, and he did and he went (to the White House). And I would tell Martellus the same thing.”

Along with the Patriots tight end, cornerback Devin McCourty also said that he will forego the trip to Washington with his team.


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