By Laura Reynolds

In advance of the Super Bowl, producers and film crews swoop into town to get beauty shots and b-roll to use during the game. I’m pretty confident I have most of their shot list figured out so I’ve created a drinking game of what you’ll see during the game. Since you’ll be totally annihilated after playing this game, make sure to have a designated driver or call Uber. Have fun! Love ya, Laura

Hat Being Shaped/Steamed at Cavenders…1 drink and anyone wearing a hat must give it to someone not wearing a hat to wear the rest of the game.

Visitor riding a mechanical bull…chug for as long as they’re on the shot of the bull rider. Anything less than 8 seconds of chugging is weak.

B-roll of Longhorn cattle…give a friend YOUR beer/drink. Come on people. This shot is a given. The rest of the U.S. all thinks we each have one in our backyard.

Still shots of the bronze statues in front of NRG…no drinks. This is a given. Anyone not in the room at the time the shot is shown has to make an ice run or take out the empties.

B-roll of visitors trying on cowboy boots…1 drink and anyone wearing actual boots has to take them off for the rest of the game.

Two-stepping at a local country bar…chug for as long as they’re on the shot. If the couple is wearing coordinated costumes take a shot after finishing chugging. Yes, I know that may make you barf but coordinated costumes are pukey.

B-roll of the Waterwall…1 shot and everyone gets a bathroom break.

Chef cooking or plating Mexican food…1 shot of tequila and you have to take off an article of clothing for the rest of the game.

Joggers at Memorial park…1 shot if it’s a mixture of guys/girls; 2 shots if they’re all women; 3 shots if they’re attractive women; 4 shots if it’s slow motion speed of attractive women jogging.

Shot of the Astrodome with voiceover of its “history” and mention of the “controversy”…everyone gives the host a dollar because I’m sure we’re all going to be paying more taxes for the preservation of the Dome.

B-roll tour of St. Arnolds’s Brewery…anyone actually drinking St. Arnold’s gets to be King/Queen of the party and make demands on other guests until the next item on the drinking game happens.

Flyover of the Med Center at night…anyone not drinking has to buy a round for the other guests. Our livers are going to need the Med Center later.

NASA shuttle picture…pour out your drink. Come on people! If you think they’re going to not show this shot you’re crazy. If they show the shuttle with the deer that live around facilities then you can keep your drink. The deer prove the producer and crew at least did their homework.

Post Oak and San Felipe (or Westheimer or Richmond) intersection with silver halo decoration…check traffic conditions of the West Loop on If conditions are green then no drinks. Conditions are yellow, take one shot. Conditions are orange, take two shots. Conditions are red, take 3 shots and curse the idiots that can’t figure out the Loop/59 exit.

B-roll from Killen’s BBQ…one drink for every plate you’ve eaten there. More than 4 visits just chug the damn beer.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo mention…they’ll give HLS&R a free plug because the Network producers desperately want to show b-roll of Barrel Racing, Calf Roping and Trail Riding. After all, every Texan does all 3 of those, right? Down your drink, throw your empty Solo cup at the TV and curse all Yankees.

Shot of the Beer Can House, We  <heart> HOUSTON sign on Thompson Street or Art Cars…take a shot for each one you have visited.

Flyover of Williams Tower/Transco Tower…set down your drink and argue with the person next to you if it’s currently called Williams Tower or Transco Tower. Only take a drink if the announcer says…”It’s believed to be the tallest building constructed outside of a central business district.”

Have fun, enjoy the game, and drink responsibly.


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